This software implements the final status survey designs described in the MARSSIM manual.

Version 1.0 is essentially the same as version 0.61.  I have had no bug reports, so the expiration date has been removed.

A new version, MARSSIMPower2001 with more features ( and possibly some bugs) will be released soon. In the future, I plan to keep two versions up on this page. One older version that has been tested, used, and is pretty stable, and a newer one that has additional features, but may not be as stable.

MP2001 will do retrospective power curves, and allow two designs to be compared more easily.

The use of this software should be fairly staraightforward. There is a limited help available in the Readme.txt file.

To install, first download the file. This is about 2.1 MB.
MP2k_v100s, without the VB6 runtime is about 1 MB.
(If you have previously downloded MARSSIMPower2000, you should not need to download the runtime again.
Please let me know if that works.)
Unzip the file into a new directory on your hard drive.
Execute the setup.exe file.

Please sign my address book so that you can be notified of updates.

The latest version will always be available at

Support will be very sporadic. Please e-mail me with questions, problems, bug reports and feature requests.
It will not be possible to provide telephone support, so please don't ask.

My email address is

Currently the software will calculate the sample size and critical value for any value of alpha, beta, sigma and delta (DCGL-LBGR).
Sliders, arrows will update the calculated values continuously. If numbers are entered in the boxes, clicking anywhere on the graph will update the display using the new parameter values

The calculations are exact for small sample sizes, so if you have MARSSIMPower you don't have to interpolate in the MARSSIM tables. This is true for the critical values as well as the sample sizes. This is probably the second most valuable feature of the program. The is no input output except the screen at this time. Use PrintScreen or a Screen Capture utility.

Please sign the Guest Book if you download the software. At least your email address.


Version 1.0.0 has no expiration date!